Contguard support global companies to optimize their supply chain by delivering in-depth information analysis as well as real-time data on their goods in transit. With Contguard you would know in real-time - * Your cargo's location. * Deviation from your planned route. * Arrival/Departure from defined locations. * Your Cargo's temperature and humidity tailored to your defined parameters. * Container intrusion alert - whether the container's doors have been opened or in other means. * Shake impact - in case your cargo is not properly handled. Contguard offers an end-to-end service that includes full logistics around monitoring devices so that our customers don't need to purchase or care for the hardware.

Bahwan CyberTek (BCT) was established in 1999 and is a provider of digital transformation solutions across industry domains and has delivered solutions in twenty countries across North America, Middle East, Far East, Africa and Asia. Driving innovation through outcome-based business models, proven and powerful IP solutions, BCT is a trusted partner for over 1000+ customers, including Fortune 500 companies. With strong capabilities in Big Data & Analytics, Mobility, Cloud and UX / UI, BCT has over 2800 associates with technical and domain expertise in delivering solutions to Oil & Gas, Telecom, Power, Government, Banking, Retail and SCM / Logistics verticals. With a focus on joint innovation, BCT has partnered with leading global technology organizations such as Oracle, IBM and TIBCO to deliver differentiated value to customers.

“Absortech exclusively focuses on products and services that help our customers avoid moisture damage. Since 1996, we have developed a range of desiccants called AbsorRange™ and offer innovative technology for moisture protection in containers, in-boxes and the home. We maintain control end-to-end in the chain from product development, manufacturing and delivery of the right product at the right place. We have a variety of solutions and high-performance desiccants for preventing moisture damage during transport. We call it Peace of Moisture Mind™ which helps customers increase their container shipping productivity and protect their brand.”

Dynamic IT services company specialising in the production and provision of supply chain management and visibility solutions and production of the unique TariffTel Duty Classification Management software. Able to offer bespoke customs classification/tariff code systems, consultation and support.

eGlobalUSA is an e-commerce focused, multi-sourced, third-party logistics provider with integration capabilities for all shopping sites, client ERP systems, warehouse management systems, and final mile carriers through its flexible API driven software. No longer will a customer be limited to using multiple, vertical operating, single-sourced systems for the sale of their goods. eGlobalUSA combines orders from multiple sources (Ebay, Amazon, and 20+ others), to create routings with choice of multiple final mile carriers, producing labels regardless of carrier, WMS, or customer system used. Customer branded text or email updates to the end-user, along with single final mile billing to our clients completes our cycle.  eGlobalUSA- customer driven!