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(暨上大达睿需求链研究院 )



Hong Kong Logistics Association

Founded in 1996 as the first non-profit making professional institute in Logistics in Hong Kong, is one of the leading pioneers in promoting logistics and supply chain management in Hong Kong.  Our members include logistics services providers, trading firms, manufacturers, scholars as well as logistics professionals.

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Asian Pacific Logistics Federation

The Asian Pacific Logistics Federation ( was established in 1995 by logistics organisations from countries in the Asia-Pacific region which has grown vastly since its creation. The Asian Pacific Logistics Federation represents 15 countries including Australia and these include (China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, Taiwan) that include business, government contacts and numerous supply chain associations.  

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EIPM was created in December 1990 by top leading companies - Alcatel, Aérospatiale, Amae, Bull, Cerestar (Ferruzzi), Herberts (Hoechst), Nokia, Pechiney, Philips, Renault - and sponsored by the European Commission, the Rhône Alpes Region and the Haute Savoie department to create an European Executive Education and Training Center in Purchasing Education.

Today through its different programmes, the EIPM trains and educates each year more than 4000 purchasing professionals worldwide in 9 different languages in Europe and through its branches in partnership.

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