Transwide, a solution of Wolters Kluwer Transport Services (威科集团运输服务), is a global and multi-modal SaaS Transport Management Solution (TMS) dedicated to Shippers or Logistic Providers.


Transwide collaboration platform enables Shippers and LPs to optimize their transport orders, automate the selection of the right transport partner, communicate and manage the execution with them in real time, calculate and handle the full transport cost process. Our TMS solution covers all transport modes (road, ocean, rail, barge…). Transwide is also a B2B platform helping shippers and their logistics network to build EDI links. Connecting 500+ single logo businesses to a network of 18,000+ logistics service providers worldwide. We are Global and adapted to the Chinese Market. Our web-based solution is modular, quick to start and easy to use, with a rapid Return On Investment.

科运输管理软件协作平台使货主和物流服务供应商能在同一平台上实时优化运输订单的分配、自动选择正确的运输公司、及时沟通运输订单的执行情况、计算和处理运输全程的运输成本。该运输管理软件平台涵盖了所有的运输方式(例如:公路,海洋,铁路,驳船等)。作为一个B2B平台,Transwide 还能通过为货主的企业资源管理系统建立电子数据接口, 实现数据的自动交换。目前,该协作平台正在为500多家知名企业与全球18,000多家物流服务供应商提供实时在线服务。系统极具模块化、快速启动、易于操作的特点,为客户提供极高性价比的服务。



Unit 1302-1303, 13F, Enterprise center 2, No.209 Gonghe Road, Jing’an Area, Shanghai 20070 Shanghai | China | M. +86 139 0161 2795 | harry.xu@wolterskluwer.com


WEBSITE  www.wktransportservices.com

Adjuno is a technology provider of cloud-based software for PLM, sourcing and supply chain management.  We have more than 20 years’ experience providing solutions to a global client base spanning across Australasia, South Africa, UK, North America and Europe. We deliver solutions to retailers, brands, manufacturers and logistics organisations. Operating from our headquarters in Hong Kong and the UK, our software helps our customers optimise their extended supply chain process from product concept through to cash.

Solutions are modular and highly configurable with the flexibility to choose the functionality required to meet specific business needs. Modules span the end-to-end supply chain and include Vendor Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sourcing & PLM, Quality Control, Wholesale, Shipping, Distribution and Stock Flow Management.  

Accessed through a single cloud gateway, our customers, their stakeholders and trading partners use Adjuno to collaborate in real-time, using one version of the truth. With interactive dashboard workflows, exception management and business intelligence reporting, we help optimise processes, reduce costs, risks, time to market and product returns. We pride ourselves on delivering  the lowest cost, most modular, comprehensive and fastest-to-value solutions. Built on a foundation of the best intelligence, insights and business results.

Website :www.adjuno.com


vTradEx Information Technology (Shanghai) Ltd is the leading provider of hybrid cloud-based, end-to-end, supply chain execution solutions in China. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Shanghai, vTradEx is a publicly listed company in China since 2016. Our vision is to establish and operate the logistics ecosystem that includes the shipper, manufacturer, distributor, retailer, and 3PL, together with their partners as well as other cloud-based value added platform providers. The company’s cloud-based 56linked platform connects customers to their trading partners thereby enabling cloud-based route optimization, execution and monitoring, inventory and supply chain visibility, rate and transportation management, and warehouse operations. Its 56linked logistics platform offers a range of modular, cloud-based, interoperable Web and mobile logistics management applications. The company’s eLOG application suite offers private cloud-based solutions such as Order Management, Transportation Management, Warehouse Management as well as Route Optimization. In addition, the company offers consulting, implementation, training services, maintenance, and support services.

Our list of showcase customers includes Walmart, Unilever, Sinopharm, Shanghai General Motors, Foxconn, Haier, JingDong, Amazon and World-Class 3rd party logistics companies such as Sinotrans, Schneider Logistics as well as DHL. With rich industry experience combined with advanced IT technology, vTradEx strives to help our customers to cut costs and gain competitive advantage through the highest quality of service.

唯智信息技术(上海)股份有限公司是中国提供公有云的供应链执行解决方案的领军企业。唯智信息成立于2001年,总部设在上海,于2016年在中国上市。唯智公司的愿景是建立并运营以货主为核心的物流生态圈,聚合制造商,零售商,分销商,物流服务商,以及联盟合作伙伴和其他增值服务云平台。物流链云网络平台56linked连接了客户及其交易伙伴,提供云端路径优化,物流作业执行的监控,库存和供应链的可视化,实现云端的运输管理,计费管理和仓储管理。56linked物流链云平台提供了模块化的,可互动操作的Web和手机移动端的物流管理应用。ELOG应用套件提供了私有云的物流全面解决方案,包括订单管理OMS,运输管理TMS,仓储管理WMS, 计费管理 LFCS,以及路径优化 ROS。此外,公司还提供咨询,实施,培训,运维服务。


Website: www.vtradex.com